Potato Plantation Programme Research

Potato plantation, Teagasc – the agriculture and fruit production authority, providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry.

Potato Planting

Potato is the world’s third most important food crop with global acreage rising faster than that of any other crop due to its high yield potential and excellent nutritional characteristics. For more Irish industry related information and statistics click here. Teagasc has been conducting research on potatoes since the 1960s. Currently there are four primary research initiatives along with a Knowledge Transfer programme.

  • Research Breeding Programme

Research Breeding Programme

  • Genomics Research

Genomics Research

  • GM Research

GM Research

  • Potato Blight

Potato Blight

  • Agronomy Potatoes

Agronomy Potatoes

  • Agronomy Salad Potatoes

Agronomy Salad Potatoes

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