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European Digital Marketing Platform

European Business ( is a high effective and comprehensive digital marketing content platform. It serves European local market to grow business for various industries. It offers partners the best solution of digital marketing by releasing quality products, videos, brand news, event, advertising, and social media to reach out to potential clients.

Europe Digital Marketing platform
European digital marketing platform

Why Choose Us for Your Marketing Partner

We focus on content marketing

We focus on creating high quality content marketing. We help members to grow busssiness successful by multiform marketing strategies.

We are different than B2B platforms

We serve multiple industries, but you won’t find many competitors on our website like B2B platforms. We directly lead potential customers to your official website and sales representative.

We are different than tradeshow and industry association

We offer a long term marketing strategy, unremitting high quality content update to make your brand and service maximized exposure to gain business opportunity.

We are different than press media

We support multiform contents and unremittingly publish, including product, service, video, news, social media and advertisement. These can directly drive your sales growing.

It offers free members and paid members service plans. Members are always welcome to list company business and advertise services on the digital marketing platform. Please check out our member plans. If you have any questions, please write to us at E-mail:

Our Member Service Plan

Member Service Package (2022 Edition)Free MemberStandard MemberPremium MemberSponsor
Annual fee (EUR)Free4,9908,99015,990
1. Company business releaseYesYesYesYes
2. Member’s product or service list max. quantity by category2100200500
3. Member’s Feature Product list recommended max. quantity0102050
4. Member’s news, event, video, blog report max. quantity2100200Unlimited
5. Listing Sponsor Brands on the navigation sub-menuYes
Advertising service
1. Header ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
2. Homepage top ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
3. Homepage middle ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days4pcs, 7days
4. Bottom ad. 1300x180px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
5. Footer ad. 150x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days5pcs, 7days
6. Right-sidebar ad. 300x250pcs1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
7. Right-sidebar bottom ad. 150x150pcs1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days5pcs, 7days
Membership package

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