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This is an effective viral content platform based on European market. We offer our members the best solution of digital marketing by lunching quality products, videos, advertising, social media, events and brand news to reach out to potential partners. Welcome to our membership network. We would like to help you create the best bussiness solutions.

We offer digital marketing with Free, Standard, Premium and Sponsor membership.

Member Service Package (2022 Edition)Free MemberStandard MemberPremium MemberSponsor
Annual fee (EUR)Free4,9908,99015,990
1. Company business releaseYesYesYesYes
2. Member’s product or service list by category max. quantity2100200500
3.  Member’s Feature Product list recommended max. quantity0102050
4. Member’s news, event, video, blog report max. quantity2100200Unlimited
5. Listing Sponsor Brands on the navigation sub-menuYes
Advertising service
1. Header ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
2. Homepage top ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
3. Homepage middle ad. 1000x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days4pcs, 7days
4. Bottom ad. 1300x180px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
5. Footer ad. 150x150px1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days5pcs, 7days
6. Right-sidebar ad. 300x250pcs1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days
7. Right-sidebar bottom ad. 150x150pcs1pcs, 7days2pcs, 7days5pcs, 7days
Membership package

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